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Due to the number of calls received daily and all our busy work schedules, please understand phone calls will be returned but it may be a week or a tad bit longer – rest assured, we will call as soon as possible because placement is important! Thanks for your patience, understanding and continual support of Kitty and K-9 Connection critters and volunteers.

To alleviate some of the initial questions... there is an adoption fee for adult dogs of $200.00 and for dogs under a year $250.00. Adoption fee for adult cats is $120.00 and for cats under a year $175.00. (Adoption fees allows KKC to have each rescue vet-checked, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and assists with providing additional services required such as dentals, eye treatments, ear care, blood work, etc.) Our adoptions require a home visit to ensure the animal safety and to answer any questions adopters may have. If you reside outside the local area there are some different requirements...three personal referrals, a vet referral, an agreement to be responsible for transportation (both ways if necessary) and a commitment to returning the pet to Kitty and K-9 if the placement does not work or your situation changes where you cannot keep the pet. Depending on the circumstances, there may be other requirements. Our commitment is to these orphaned critters we rescue...we devote tons of love, time, energy and money to their rescue, medical bills and care...our goal is to find them the very best placement with a lifetime commitment.

If you are interested in adopting a dog or a cat friend (or both) contact Carol at 345-2096 or also Amber at

Click the Petfinder link below to see a listing of our adoptable pets.